Do not take directions to The Storm Castle Cafe.  Its in Bozeman next to the donut shop.  But Granny’s Donuts is one of our sponsors and you should go there and get a donut. They are awesome.

How to actually get there:

8000 storm castle road

–From Belgrade take Jack Rabbit Lane towards Big sky, from Bozeman take 191(Huffine lane)

–Go To town of 4 CORNERS.  

–Drive towards Big sky on Gallatin Road, Go 16 miles.

–You will lose Cell Phone Service after town of Gallatin Gateway.  Pull over at EXXON gas station and take a minute.  Call anyone you need to, like your parents so they know you aren’t dead.  Fill your car with Gas, make sure you have 3 gallons WATER per person, money, cigerrettes, and anything else you need. Seriously pack this stuff before you get on the road.  

–Drive towards Big sky

–Once you have gone about 16 miles total on gallatin road, You will see the Inn on the Gallatin on your left. It’s a bunch of cabins and little restaurant.

–Go about a half a mile further.  Turn Left.  The Arching Stone bridge will take you across the river.

–Turn right after the bridge.  You will pass the forest service helicopter base.

–Go about 6 miles. STAY ON THE MAIN ROAD — Look for signs telling you to KEEP GOING.   There will be a creek to your right AT ALL TIMES.

–You will come to a LOCKED GATE with A PERSON NEXT TO IT or A SIGN Do what they tell you.


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